Full Licences

Yasla Lab and Yasla Pro are licensed per installation. A single license allows to install, activate and use the full functionality of Yasla, for an unlimited time, on a single computer at a given time.1

Yasla Lab for sign language laboratories, incl. full network functionality, privileged teacher access, and administration tools - per installation (computer) 2999,-
Yasla Pro for standalone document viewing and editing2 - per installation (computer) 999,-


As an alternative to the unlimited full licenses, subscriptions3 with a validity period of one year are also available. Subscriptions have the same functionality and, besides the limited runtime, the same license conditions as full licenses.

Yasla Pro for standalone document viewing and editing - per installation (computer), valid for 1 year 199,-

Prices include 19% VAT.

For a formal quote, please contact

Free Trial

Yasla Lab and Yasla Pro offer free, full-functionality, 14-days trial periods. Just download Yasla and choose the free trial option in the dialog appearing when first launched.

Student Subscriptions

Free-of-charge Yasla Pro subscriptions (see above) are available to students enrolled in a sign language studies course at educational institutions that use Yasla Lab4. To obtain a Yasla Pro student subscription, please submit confirmation of enrollment via email to studentregistration-at-yasla-dot-de. The confirmation should state enrollment in a sign language-related course of studies. Student subscriptions are valid for one year. To extend a student subscription, please re-submit a current confirmation of enrollment.

Please note: If you need an activation key for the legacy Yasla ST (macOS 10.13 and older), please state so explicitly.

  1. Activation requires an internet connection once. If required, an installation can be deactivated and reused on another computer. 

  2. Yasla Pro may also be used without activation. In this case, Yasla Pro will work as a document viewer only, without the ability to create, edit or otherwise modify documents. 

  3. Payable in advance, no automatic renewal 

  4. Not at a qualified college or university? Try Yasla Web