Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

January 2023

Define your own keyboard shortcuts (... more)

.qt after Download

November 2022

A bug in Firefox results in erroneous file extension changes (... more)

Yasla Lab: New distribution format

September 2022

To make updates easier under macOS 13, Yasla Lab is now distributed as an installer package (... more)

Yasla 3.7: macOS 12 and new features

October 2021

Yasla Pro/Lab 3.7 brings new functionality and is compatible with macOS Monterey (... more)

Goodbye, QuickTime

May 2021

The end of QuickTime was a critical moment for Yasla (... more)

macOS 11 Big Sur & Apple Silicon

April 2021

Compatibility of the new macOS and the new Macs (... more)

Handouts & Submissions

November 2020

Yasla Lab 3.5 turns the lecturer's computer into a small, local server for the language lab (... more)

Speech to Text

September 2020

The new audio export function in Yasla Pro/Lab 3.4 has a bit of an unusual background (... more)