macOS 14 Sonoma


macOS 14 Sonoma compatible to Yasla (... more)

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

January 2023

Define your own keyboard shortcuts (... more)

.qt after Download

November 2022

A bug in Firefox results in erroneous file extension changes (... more)

New distribution format

September 2022

To make updates easier under macOS 13, Yasla Lab is now distributed as an installer package (... more)

3.7: macOS 12 & new features

October 2021

Yasla Pro/Lab 3.7 brings new functionality and is compatible with macOS Monterey (... more)

macOS 11 Big Sur & Apple Silicon

April 2021

Compatibility of the new macOS and the new Macs (... more)

Handouts & Submissions

November 2020

Yasla Lab 3.5 turns the lecturer's computer into a small, local server for the language lab (... more)

Speech to Text

September 2020

The new audio export function in Yasla Pro/Lab 3.4 has a bit of an unusual background (... more)