Yasla is a stand-alone software package specially designed and developed for sign language training.

Yasla Lab is the basis for setting up a classical language lab with a flexible software solution, including network support, privileged observation and feedback modes for teachers, and specialized administration tools.
Yasla Pro is the single-user version for teachers and students when working outside the language lab.

In addition to the full-featured macOS applications Yasla Pro and Yasla Lab, Yasla Web is a simplified, platform-independent web application for web browsers.

Yasla has been continuously developed and professionally supported since 2007, and we’re proud of our short response times when support is needed.

Feature Comparison

Built for sign language labs

Track- and segment-based workflow


Flexible display

Powerful Tools

Import and Export


Durable and economical


Instructor workstation*

Interconnection of student workstations*

Administration Tools*

*) Yasla Lab only

Status 2022-11, subject to change