Yasla Lab: New distribution format

September 2022

tl;dr: Due to changes in macOS 13 Ventura, Yasla Lab will be distributed as an installer package from now on. This simplifies the installation on a larger number of Macs.

Changes in macOS 13 Ventura, expected for fall 2022, would require an additional installation step when updating Yasla Lab. Since this step can not be automated with the usual lab management systems, this would result in an additional step having to be performed manually on every computer in the lab.

To avoid this, Yasla Lab 3.8.2 changes the architecture of auxiliary components and the installation method. Instead of the previous drag-and-drop installation from a disk image, Yasla Lab now comes as an installer package, to be installed with the installer app integrated into macOS.

This installation method eliminates the additional per-computer step. With lab management software like ‘Apple Remote Desktop’ or similar, a Yasla Lab update can be distributed to all lab computers simultaneously and fully remote with a single action.
Since the installation is performed with admin rights, the Yasla Lab installation also automatically receives file permissions protecting against manipulation. In addition, the installer removes the old, no longer needed previous components from the system.
The installation from a package also works on the supported pre-macOS 13 systems.

The new architecture and installation method is not macOS 13 specific, macOS is still supported back to 10.14.6. When updating to macOS 13, it is recommended to install the new Yasla Lab version before the update.

Yasla Pro, which does not require the components in question, will continue to use the drag-and-drop installation method for now.

Yasla Lab and Yasla Pro are as usual available from Downloads.